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Special Event Medical Support

With experienced medical professionals from accross the nation, our personnel contributes their expertise from fire departments, hospitals, and the military to help people in their greatest time of need. For over 28 years, Wilderness Medics has been providing medical services to remote wildland and disaster areas, industrial and construction sites as well as a wide range of special events.

A fleet of 4 x4 ambulances, UTVs with patient transport, medical trailer, and specialized packs can be customized to fit every project’s site-specific needs.


Providing Excellence in Diverse Environments

Whether Live Action Role Play events, multi-day horseback expeditions, mountain bike races, or new product testing, Wilderness Medics has the experience and capability to keep your guests safe. 

Protect your guests and employees by layers of experience with Wilderness Medics. Our personnel bring years of proficiency to the event with 24/7 access to medical direction from emergency medical physicians.

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Licensing Requirements

Operating in a state outside fire events or a state of emergency is a complex endeavor.

We comply with all basic state licensing requirements: business license, corporate income tax, and relevant employment tax accounts.

In addition, Wilderness Medics needs a license to practice medicine in each state we operate. The requirements for this license varies from state to state and sometimes, county to county.

Some states require a contract with a receiving hospital including approved medical protocols and the receiving hospital also needs to have approved the medical director.

Once the company requirements are fulfilled, our medical personnel working the contract also need to be approved. Each state has its own rules and regulations on how to achieve the state license. Some require being physically in-state to get live-scanned fingerprinting, or take certain competency and skills testing.

Navigating through the certification process can take as little as a few weeks or a significantly more time. While we have many states and counties already established, the more notice of a potential job site, is particularly welcome as we need time to investigate whether any regulations and requirements have changed and time to process those amendments.