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Licensing Landscape

Operating in a state outside fire events or a state of emergency is a complex endeavor.

We comply with all basic state licensing requirements: business license, corporate income tax, and relevant employment tax accounts.

In addition, Wilderness Medics needs a license to practice medicine in each state we operate. The requirements varies from state to state and sometimes, county to county. Some states require a contract with a receiving hospital including approved medical protocols and approved medical director.

Once the company requirements are fulfilled, our medical personnel working the contract also need to be state licensed. Some state require being physically in-state to get live-scanned fingerprinting, or taking certain competency skills testing.

Navigating through the certification process can take as little as a few weeks or a significantly longer time. Advance notice of a potential job site is welcome to allow time to investigate requirement changes and process necessary amendments.


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Providing Excellence in the most Austere Environments


Medical  Direction

Allowing for better patient outcomes, WMI staff always have 24/7 access to physicians with advanced emergency medicine knowledge.

Nine established medical directors trained in emergency medicine, allows us to operate throughout the Western United States.

Experienced  Roster 

Our people are our greatest asset. They contribute their expertise from fire departments, hospitals, and military to help people in their greatest time of need. Wilderness Medics has high competency standards and provides training throughout the year for their employees.