Wilderness Medics

REMS-Rapid Extraction Module Support

By integrating a fully equipped Fireline Qualified EMPF and EMTF into a 4 person REMS team  including a modified Polaris 1000 XP UTV that has full rollover protection for all crew members and the patient, the line can be extended as your crews remain accessible by our highly qualified EMS and Extraction specialists. 

Training and Experience

  • Low Angle Rope Rescue Operational (LARRO)- All 4 Members
  • High Angle Rope Rescue Technical—2 team members 
  • Leader—Single Resource Boss Qualified
  • Firefighter 1 or 2 Wildland Fireline qualified
  • Arduous physical fitness level

Wilderness Medics REMS teams are fully equipped with ICS 223-12 Standard Equipment List (SEL) including:

  • 4-person 4WD pickup truck
  • Hike-In Rescue Cache
  • Vehicle Based Rescue Cache

Our UTVs are stocked with a full complement of ALS and BLS medical equipment and supplies:

  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Oxygen Advanced Airway Adjuncts      
  • Defibrillator
  • Advanced Vascular Access Techniques
  • Spinal and Fracture Immobilization
  • Blood Clotting Agents
  • Emergency and Pain Management Medications