Wilderness Medics



UTV Teams

UTV with lights

Our UTVs come equipped with two operators, medical supplies, and are available with patient transport capabilities. See our REMS/ RAT Teams if needed to extract/ treat patients in steep or difficult terrain.

Basic/ Advanced Life Support Kit (BLS/ ALS)

medical pack on a mountain

Basic/ Advanced Life Support Packs are a self-contained advanced cardiac, respiratory, and traumatic emergency pack.
Based upon the level of support ordered, the kit includes medical supplies; a fully licensed EMT paramedic or RN , and a 4×4 rescue response vehicle (optional)

4X4 Ambulances

Ambo in a field

Basic/ Advanced Life Support Ambulance, as ordered comes equipped with all medical supplies, and two operators


REMS/ RAT Rescue Teams

REMS (Rapid Extraction Module Support) Team consists of four team members with certified ropes training and experience. REMS primary objective is to extract an ill or injured patient from steep and/or challenging terrain.

RAT (Rapid Access Team) consists of a team of two certified-ropes personnel. Their primary focus is quickly accessing and stabilizing patients with basic medical support.

Mobile Medical Trailer

Mobile Medical Trailer

Our mobile medical trailer is perfect for disaster, construction, or other industrial situations where a higher level of treatment is needed on-site. 

Industrial Medics

Tent with industrial equipment in background

Wilderness Medics supports a diverse range of industrial needs in a variety of environments. We can customize our equipment to ensure your employees have the best care wherever they may be located. 

Special Event Medical Personnel

Our trained EMTs or Paramedics are loved by risk management teams; ensuring medical help is always nearby should anything go awry during your planned event, no matter how remote the setting.