Wilderness Medics

Wilderness Medicine

According to an article from the Enviro-Tech International website, it is important to have trained professionals ready for emergencies to arise in remote areas. When medical problems come up miles and miles away from advanced medical care facilities in the wilderness, every decision you make is important to the survival of the victum. Extended medical care teams train for medical treatment in remote areas, where they must face life-saving decisions. There are three important areas that these teams must prepare for when out in the field:

1. These medical teams must prepare to take care of the patient out on field, instead of in normal emergency rooms at local hospitals. They must learn how to prepare for any circumstance that mother nature might present them in the wilderness.

2. Working in remote setting, equipment can be limited for the use of treating the patient. These special teams must train in using  limited resources depending on the emergency situation.

3. Working in remote locations can mean difficult environments rescuers have to go through. Whether it be extreme cold or heat situations, these medical teams must train to rescue patients in any environment.

Wilderness medics provides training  for Emts, Paramedic in Northern Arizona remote, wilderness settings. For more information contact Wilderness Medics at 406.821.9933