Wilderness Medics

Wilderness Medic Training

All Wilderness Medics Inc. contractors are required to attend an 8-hour refresher and continuing education course each year, as well as well as being required to meet the arduous level pack test standard, before they can be placed on our contractor pool list.

This refresher/continuing education course meets the requirements set by the NWCG for a firefighter type II, which is a minimum standard for all Wilderness Medics Inc. contractors working on wild land fires.

Our continuing education course brings in doctors and other instructors in our field to lecture on relevant topics and to answer frequently asked questions. We also annually lecture on over the counter medications (OTC) commonly seen at large wild land incident camps. An additional benefit to our contractors is that you will receive continuing education (CE) hours for attending.

Contact us to find out about the current training being offered. Wilderness Medics