Wilderness Medics

State Medical Direction

We are fortunate to be associated with many exceptional medical directors and their hospitals across the western United States. Our doctors bring their many combined years of experience, training, and progressive approaches in emergency medicine to the wilderness setting. The unique environments and regions our doctors come from allow Wilderness Medics Inc. to bring their expertise in such areas as wilderness medicine; emergency medicine, traumatic injures, cardiac emergencies, respiratory emergencies and environmental emergencies.

Our association with our doctors and their hospitals allows our personnel to have available to them 24 hour a day on-line medical direction where ever they are assigned.

Wilderness Medics Inc. practices in a legal and professional manor at all times. We work directly with each state to assure our ability to respond to your orders at a moments notice. We work in accordance with each states guidelines, ordinances, and laws regarding reciprocity, licensure, and certifications. If you have any questions regarding our services or ability to work in your location please contact directly at 800 294-4214

Medical Directors